I’m Back

Wow what a crazy month but that is no excuse for not keeping up with the blog. This month after getting the David Melendez Award at the NYC Congress I was off to Argentina (49 hours due to plane problems) San Diego Festival, Romania, Holland & Vegas. To tell you the truth I have never been into sharing some of my private thoughts so this is a little strange for me but at the same time liberating. Lots going on with Salsorro 3 weeks away in Spain and the 2nd Annual World Latin Dance Cup at the Tropicana in Vegas December 14-17, 2011. In between all this I will be going to Venezuela with Imagen Latina and going for the 12th year to the Japan Salsa Congress with my friend George Watabe. Then off to Salsorro in Santiago Spain, then on Nov 13 the official qualifier in Toronto for the WLDC. From there off to Florida for the Aventura cruise. Then off to two days to Cuba for a conference where I have been invited to speak on the Movement of Salsa, My Story and as we see outside of Cuba the growth of this music. In between all of these trips we will also continue to film the documentary partially based on my life and the congresses. From Cuba off to Greece to another qualifier and then to Cali, Colombia considered one of the meccas of Salsa. I will be there as MC of a major dance event. Then off to Acapulco for the Salsa Congress from Dec 8-11. After that I fly directly to Vegas for the WLDC. Well now you know my next month. Wanna join me? Yes you say you do but within 10 days you will agree with my family and friends, that I’m nuts. Next year will be ATP’s 20th Anniversary. Wow, don’t know how I have done it. Only with the support of many loyal people. What I do know is that this year I have come very close to giving it all up. I will share about that in another post real soon. See you on the dance floor. Dame Una Buya! Albert


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