Gemini Portland Salsa Congress This Weekend

After the Los Angeles Salsa Congress You Would Think I Would Take A Break But No Way. After Los Angeles A Group Of Us Were Involved In The Amazing Congress That Carmen Gonza And Staff Put On In Saskatoon, Canada. Wow Her First Year And It Was Organized Great. Then Off To Portugal Which Was Another Experience And Now Off To Portland To The Gemini Salsa Congress. Javier Puts On A Great Event And Is Now In A Hotel Which I Think Will Bring The Level Up Of The Event. Looking Forward To Celebrating My Birthday There This Weekend.

In The Meantime Really Working Hard To Get My Friends Worldwide To Support Through Donations And Pledges Our Documentary Heart Of Salsa. We Are Trying To Complete The Funding For The Documentary In 58 More Days On Kickstarter. Many Have Suggestions On How We Should Go About Raising The Funds And These Suggestions Are Really Appreciated But At This Point If I Got A Pledge For Every Suggestion We Would Have Reached Our Goal. My Focus Needs To Get The Pledges To Be Able To Reach Our Goal So We Can Complete The Project. No Goal No Funding! If We Don’t Reach Our Projected Amount, We Get Nothing.

Salseros And Music Lovers Worldwide Can Support This Amazing Project By Pledging Today. We Need Your Support To Share The Stories Of Salsa Dancers Worldwide. Like My Friend Larry Who Is Living With Parkinson’s Says, “WHEN I DANCE, I DON’T HAVE PARKINSONS”.

The Young 14 Year Old Girl From Colombia That Even Though Her Team Left Without Her To The Congress, She Did Her Own Fundraiser In Two Days And Beyond All Odds Got On A Plane And Made It To LA Even Though I Had To Rush To The Airport And Get Her Before They Sent Her Back. I Was The Only Person They Would Release Her To Because I Sent The Invitation Letter For The Visa. Five More Minutes And She Would Have Been Sent Back, As They Said, Too Young And No One To Pick Her Up. But Her Dream Came True. Through The Persistance Of My Office To Reach Me Because I Was In Final Preparations For The Congress, I Rushed To The Airport And Got Her And She Danced This Year At The Congress Through The Support Of Many Including Her Team That Had No Idea She Had Made It. These Are Some Of The Many Stories And Dreams We Will Share With The World Through This Documentary. Help Make It Possible.

Celebrate My Birthdate, June 14. Instead Of Gifts, Make A Pledge And Keep The Dream Of Salsa Alive For Many Worldwide.

Today The Film Crew Led By Magali & Janja Are In Mexico Filming Young And Old, Amateur And Pros Of Alma Latina Dance Studio. On The Way Back They Will Stop And Meet With A Time To Dance And Majesty In Motion In San Diego. Some Of Our Next Stops Depending On Pledges Are Colombia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Japan, Europe, New Zealand, Canada And Much More.

Help With Your Pledges. Thank You

Una Buya



One thought on “Gemini Portland Salsa Congress This Weekend

  1. A Pledge or a Donation is needed Today! Only 55 days left to come up with the money $35,000 to complete the documentary. With your donation it can be possible and with your donation we all together can share this documentary for the world to see. So please just give a donation and for doing so, you will recieve cd’s, dvd’s tee shirts, even Full Event Passes what you can give so the film of the documentary is completed. The more donations you give more items you may recieve. Donations are asked because money has to be given to Amazon, Kickstarter, traveling film staff and their filming equipment to Colombia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Cuba, New Zealand to complete the film. We have 55 days left if no donations, proyect not completed and no documentary. Please donate today!

    Su Donacion es necesaria Hoy! Nos quedan 55 dias para conseguir la cantidad de $35,000 para completar el documental. Con su donacion sera posible y con su donacion entre todos podamos compartir este documental con el mundo entero. Demodo que porfavor, dona la cantidad de dinero que puedas y al hacerlo, recibiras cd’s, dvd’s camisetas, hasta Passes Completos Del Los Angeles Salsa Congress la cantidad que puedas para completar este documental. Mientras mas dinero donas, mas cosas consigues. Las donaciones son pedidas dado que hay que pagar a Amazon, Kickstartar, hacer llegar al staff de filmacion y su equipo de filmacion para terminar el documental yendo a Colombia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Cuba, New Zealand para completar la filmacion. Nos quedan 55 dias y si no hay donaciones, el proyecto quedara sin terminar y no habra un documental. Por favor dona Hoy!

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