Direct From Cuba / Orquesta Aragon In Los Angeles October 26 At Steven’s Steak House

We are pleased to announce the Fall 2012 tour of legendary Cuban charanga group ORQUESTA ARAGON.  Since the 1990’s the group has embarked on several highly successful tours of North America.  The importance of Orquesta Aragon to Cuban music is similar to that of the Duke Ellington Orchestra or the Count Basie Orchestra to American jazz.


“One of the most beloved and respected bands ever to come out of Cuba, OrquestaAragon is still going strong.” – Los Angeles Times


“From first to last, Aragon gave the Carnegie Hall audience an impeccable display of charanga feeling and deep cha-cha grooves.  In technique and soul, their playing and singing were an ideal representation of Cuban music.”  – Rhythm Magazine


“Orquesta Aragon puts on an energetic live show, intent on making the audiences stand-up and scream.” – New York Times


You Tube links of the group can be viewed at:


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