To All Artist Invited To Los Angeles Salsa Congress

To All Artists Involved With The 15th Annual Los Angeles Salsa Congress
MAY 23-26, 2013

I want to express my gratitude to each of you for accepting being part of this historical weekend.

What makes it so beautiful is that it is not about one person or group or even me as the producer. It is beyond all this.

This event is about demonstrating to the World that we can truly create Unity Through Salsa. My dream is that we show our gifts through music, dance and workshops we can educate the next generations of the importance of this music. So as those from the past have left it to us to enjoy we can support it today and pass it on for the future.

Have the most beautiful time and thank you for helping my dream come true.
It has taken 3 years of planning to just make the Saturday concert happen.

May we be greatful for what we have and enjoy this event for the little boy or girl inside of each of us and meet new friends.

Mucho Ache and lots of health
See you on the dance floor
Una Buya
Albert Torres

PS / Everyone on the list below I Need The Following This Week If You Have Not Sent It Already / Very Important!


A Time To Dance San Diego, CA
Abel & Zulmara Mexico & Los Angeles, CA
Abraham & Michelle Los Angeles, CA
Adam Taub Denver, Colorado
Addict Japan
Alaska Dance Promotions Alaska
Alien Project Japan
Alien Ramirez Cuba & Los Angeles
Alien Y Raices Cubanos Cuba
Alma Latina Mexico
Alma Latina Kids Mexico
Amanda Estilo & David Fernandez Dominican Republic / New York
Amanda Estilo & Her Immersion Students Santo Domingo & USA
Amicitia Los Angeles, CA
Andy Cruz & Cristina Rodriguez Chicago & Puerto Rico
Anna Zorzou Athens, Greece
Ataca Y La Alemana Washington DC
Baila Conmigo Cali, Colombia & New Jersey
Baila Society New York
BB Of Reno Reno, Nevada
Bheki Ndlovu & South Aftican Drummers And Dancers From Kayehitsha Cape Town & Kayehitsha, S. Africa
BNF Medellin,Colombia & Dubai, UAE
Brandon & Benny Portland, Oregon
Cadence Toronto, Canada
Camilo Sanchez Y Nathalia AvilaI (Winners from Medellin) Cali, Colombia
Caribbean Soul Dancers New York
Caribbean Soul Performance Team New York
Carlos Cinta San Diego, California
Charlene Rose & David Nieto Dance Company Partnering Teams Los Angeles, CA
Charlene’s Rosas Ladies Team Los Angeles, CA
Charles Makriss Lebannon & Greece
Chee’s Primeavera Japan
Cindy Stevenson Los Angeles, CA
Ciulture Beat Houston, Texas
Collective Essence Austin, Texas
Cowbell Crew Edmonton, Canada
Cristian Oviedo El Salvador & Los Angeles, CA
Dave & Rose New York & PA
Dave & Zoe New York
David & Paulina Mexico
Diana Sanchez Dance Company Group A Denver, Colorado
Diana Sanchez Dance Company Group B Denver, Colorado
Diana Sanchez Ladies Denver, Colorado
Die Kaap se vlakte” (which means “The Cape Flats”). Cape Town, South Africa
Dinamite & dianAscension Japan
DJ Bosco Sydney, Australia & Singapore
DJ Corwn Salt Lake City, Utah
DJ Fox Turkey
DJ JoJo Los Angeles, CA
DJ Remmys Caracas, Venezuela
DJ Saoco Los Angeles, CA
DJ Tico Costa Rica & Los Angeles, CA
DJ Tiguere Virginia
DJ Victor Rumbero Los Angeles, CA
Edrai Morales Ponce, Puerto Rico
Edwin Rivera New York, Los Angeles
Egrel Y Sus Amigos Caracas, Venezuela
El Malo Zurich, Switzerland
El Mulato Y Su Swing Latino Cali, Colombia
Elan & Jordynn Coral Gables, Florida
Esfera Latina Bogota, Colombia
Francys Y Ivanhon Caracas, Venezuela
Grizzily Dance Company Caracas, Venezuela & Los Angeles, CA
Hide & Maki Japan
Hiro & Ken Japan
HTDC Japan
Imagen Latina Jr Caracas, Venezuela
Imagen Latina Pro Caracas, Venezuela
Island Touch Washington DC
Ismael Otero New Jersey
Janette Valenzuela Los Angeles, CA
Jefferson & Adriana Cali, Colombia
Joe Burgos & Piel Canela Peru & New York
Joe Figueroa Philadelphia, PA
John & Andrew San Francisco, CA & Sacramento, CA
Julie Mayoral Ponce, Puerto Rico
Junior & Emily San Francisco & Los Angeles
Karen & Ricardo Chile & Argentina
Keishly Torres & Francisco Roman Ponce, Puerto Rico
Kevin, Gaby, Nicole Of Baila Conmigo Cali, Colombia & New Jersey
L.A. Influence Long Beach, California
Lady Mambo San Francisco, CA
Latin Dance Australia Sydney, Australia
Latin Dance Fire (Josie Neglia & Jared Marquez) Los Angeles, CA
Latin Vibe San Francisco, CA
Latino Style Ladies Quebec, Canada
Laura Canellias Los Angeles, CA
Lee & La Gata Washington DC
Lee Hunter Scotland
Leslie Ferreira & Bachata Caliente Los Angeles, CA
Los Abnormales Los Angeles, CA
Los Abnormales Semi- Pro Los Angeles, CA
Los Pachangueros New York, New York
Majesty In Motion San Diego, CA
Mambo Babies Los Angeles, CA
Mamboccha Japan
Marc Anthony & The Ukraine Mambo Project Ukraine
MG Dance Team El Monte, CA
MG Fuego El Monte, CA
Michael Y Thais Caracas, Venezuela
Mira Que Locura Italy
Mitsue Y Sus Brillantes Japan
Mitsui Y Sus Hombres Brillantes Japan
Musa Pro Caracas,Venezuela
Musa Semi-Pro Caracas,Venezuela
My Mambo Caracas,Venezuela
Nathalia & Camilo Cali, Colombia
New Angeles Salsa Kids Los Angeles, CA
Nuno & Vanda Portugal
Ochun Japan
Omar & Nina Mexico & Los Angeles, CA
Palladuim Mambo Legends Puerto Rico & New York
Passion y Tumbao OCAC Orange County, CA
Performance Dance Estudio Mexicali, Mexico
Phoneix Dance Company Beijing, China
Proyeccion Latina Pro Caracas, Venezuela
Proyeccion Latina Semi-Pro Caracas,Venezuela
Proyecto Imagen Caracas, Venezuela
Raymond & Jenalyn Toronto, Canada
Ricasalsa San Francisco
Ritmo y Salsa Los Angeles, CA
Rodrigo & Serene Veracruz, Mexico
Rogelio Moreno Y Salsabor Y Cache Los Angeles, CA
Salsa Pacom Japan
Salsa Pasion Japan
Salsa Rica Calgary, Canada
Salsa Sin Limite San Francisco, CA
Salsa Sinners Athens, Greece
Salsako Dance Company Denver, Colorado
Salsamania San Francisco
Sensual Bachata Florida
Serena Cuevas & Csaba San Diego & Australia
Sin City Salseros Las Vegas
Spanish Dream Asturias, Spain
Stephanie Stevenson Los Angeles, CA
Stilo Dance Arizona
Super DJ Robby Cuba, Los Angeles, CA
Tamara Pacheco Y Andy Contreras Chile
Tambo Dance Project Hannover, Germany
Terry & Cecile France
Tito & Tamara Puerto Rico
Tropical Dance Quito, Ecuador
Urban Vibe Chicago, ILL
Wabisabi (Ryoko Ohara) Japan
Wilmer Y Gaby Infantiles Caracas,Venezuela
Xiomara Vasconcello Infantil Caracas,Venezuela
Xiomara Vasconcello Pro Caracas,Venezuela
Young Ambition New York, New York


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