what is happening at LA Salsa fest part 2 | Ladies First | Some of the Ladies, Performing  and instructing at the LA Salsa Fest check out previous post part 1  | read this

As we talked about the Hip Hop Artists and Hip Hop Latin Fusion Artists joining the LA SALSA FEST here is a great addition to the group of Artist we are presenting for the first Time at LA Salsa fest:

Doria Levit | The Over Achiever 


This young 24 years old lady has studied, practiced and mastered so many Body movement styles & Dance Genre for a life time …  Started with ballet training the age of 15 and encountered Salsa & Bachata at age 17.
After an intensive year of dancing and teaching in Jerusalem and performing at the Israeli Salsa congress

She moved to Los Angeles, Lucky us !. pursued here at millennium dance and Debby Reynold dance studio more training in Hip Hop and other specialties. Her skills and knowledge go from partnering dancing such as , Salsa on1- Lead and follow, Salsa on2- Lead and follow , Sensual Bachata- Lead and follow, Dominican Bachata- Lead and follow, Cuban Salsa , Cali Style Salsa  , Kizomba & Tarraxinha to Old school hip hop, New style hip hop, Popping , House, Vouging , Waacking, Locking, Danchall, Afro/Afro cuban, Reggaton , Contemporary , Jazz

Whatever is your favorite dance style, you will be spicing your body movements with a hot blend of diverse roots . How Sexy is that ?. Perhaps get those abs too?

Doria will be teaching at LA SALSA FEST a class of Hip Hop class | body Isolation. check our workshop schedule in our updates.

Newly confirmed Back At LA SALSA FEST

Simona Petric | Romania loves Puerto Rico

simona picture 1.jpg

While he was dancing ballroom around the world with Burn the Floor and working alongside Cirque du Soleil, she was performing, teaching and competing professionally in the Salsa world.

When the Romanian 3x World Salsa Soloist Champion met the Australian World Champion in Puerto Rico, they instantly created magic on the dance floor. Four months of combining forces lead these two quickly to 4th place in the World Latin Dance Cup.

Now, representing Puerto Rico , Steven and Simona are coming to the LA Salsa Fest with a footwork workshop you don’t want to miss.

Ladies Styling :

Liz Lira | Sylphide de la Salsa  Liz Lira.jpeg

From La Paz Bolivia to Los Angeles, Liz was Highly Trained in Ballet which led her to dream of  join the New York city Ballet at young age but Life and its unexpected turns open a different path for Liz to explore . From jazz, Lyrical to hip hop, Liz encountered the Salsa Scene in los Angeles at age 21 in which found quickly her place and defined her dancing style by elegance fused with fire power.

Her graceful trademark combined with her Joie de vivre made her unique dancer and performer as well as successful in the realm of world Championship over the years. Champion Champion & Ultimate Champion forever . She also Bridged into choreograph of TV shows such as “so you think you can dance” and Dancing with the stars as well as recently feature film The Ugly truth.

Focussed and dedicated to Liz Lira Dance Academy she teaches the next generation, trains and coaches performers & future performers and share knowledge and passion to all dance lovers.

Liz Is as well offering a Master Class Bootcamp Master class ( read more)

liz lira bootcamp.001.jpeg


Josie Neglia | Queen Bee  highres_183279492.jpeg

Originally from Toronto with a ballet and jazz background , Josie moved in the mid 90s in Los Angeles and became one of the pioneer of the LA Salsa style as well as the first at breaking in the salsa instructional video industry and created her company  She developed an easy to learn technique which lead her to travel the world to teach to her technique borderless . What Josie says about her company : “We are not just about teaching you steps to counts so that you can move in perfect unison with another partner on the dance floor – although we do that well- and better than anybody in some cases- but LatinDance is more than that!

At our core, we believe that people with PASSION can change the world for the better!  That’s what we believe”

Josie’s dynamic personality and passion for Latin dance has earned her many awards and prestigious invitations to judge and teach at various international Latin dance conventions. Miss Neglia’s motto is to share the ecstasy of Latin dance, one step at a time!


Shani Talmor | Inevitable Pearl

shani Talmor 2.jpg

Shani is known worldwide for her unique teaching style. She is able to easily explain and break down the steps to address each student’s needs.  She makes it a priority to give personal attention in class so that each person can concentrate on their own dance goals.  Shani’s classes are known to be very technical yet fun and fluid.  Shani’s background and extensive knowledge of dance technique is evident in every aspect of her classes and students feed of her great energy and flow.

Ladies Styling “where Styling meets technique”

This class is designed for ladies who wish to enhance their technique with a soft feminine and sexy style and gain confidence out on the dance floor.  From beginners to advanced level dancers, this class is designed to address every dancer’s needs to  help students develop their own unique style through technique, control and grace.

Shani will also teach a Pachanga Class and performs with her Ladies team Shani Girls And ST Dance

Charlene Rose | The Rose in the garden


Charlene Rose lives to inspire and empower people of all walks of life to follow their passions, and make their dreams into reality. She is a well-known and respected influence in the Latin dance scene

Charlene utilizes the extensive training she received as a Dance Major at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, to provide the highest level of training and expertise for her students.

She has performed on stages all around the world. and participated in top shows such as Dexter, So You Think You Can Dance, and Dancing with the Stars to name a few.

“I was very shy growing up, and never would have imagined that I would go on to become a World Salsa Champion and a Leading Actress! Dancing and Acting changed my life, and when someone comes to me after a show and says my performance really made them feel something or inspired them to pursue a dream they were too afraid of before, it makes everything worth it. That’s the impact I want to have on everyone who sees my work.! That extraordinary connection only shared by a performer and their audience.! It inspires lives. Come explore yours.”

Charlene will be at The LA SALSA FEST she will be performing with her team Salerosas as well as her Hip Hop fusion Team

Come and join her Ladies Burlesque Workshop and explore with her your real potential


Chanel May | Zouk Fatal

Chanel May2Ajpg.jpgChanel will be co-hosting along with Manuel dos Santos the Kizomba | Zouk Social room from the al weekend. She also will be teaching 2 classes of Brazilian Zouk. Check the workshops Time table & instructors page at

Chanel May is a dancer and choreographer based in Los Angeles, California. She began her training at the age of eight, taking classes and performing throughout her childhood. Chanel developed a strong passion for the art of dance, devoting much of her attention to the study of Modern Dance and Ballet. Training continued at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts where she studied music, choreographic composition and dance technique. Chanel holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in ‘Dance, Option in Dance Science’ from California State   University, Long Beach. She has studied a variety of Modern Dance techniques including Horton, Graham, Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and Release Technique. In addition to Modern and Ballet, Chanel enjoys Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and Brazilian zouk.

read more



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