Social Dancing at LA SALSA FEST  is known to be the longest Nights Dancing ever. From 9PM to 6PM where do you get that. Come and Dance to the various mix of Our Fabulous DJs – They will have quite exciting playlist , spinning and playing your favorite songs and surprising you with novelties and rare tracks you don’t know yet !

Salsa | Bachata | Zouk | Kizomba |  HipHop | House

This year at LA SALSA FEST in the Salsa Room and Pool Deck, We are happy to welcome again


Super Dj Robby | The Head and Heart


Long time friend of Albert Torres and AT Productions, Robert Rodriguez is our head DJ coordinator of LA SALSA FEST. He also  coordinates The dance Show Music playback.

Robert, was born in Havana Cuba with an high interest in music since his childhood. he Moved to the states with his family as a teenager . At age 16 he got granted a turn table and amplifier and 2 speakers . his first purchase was 3 albums of his favorite artists Oscar d’Leon, El Gran Combo de Puerto rico and Celia Cruz. with this Robby Started his journey of Dj, building his Dj Booth creating tracks and augmenting his collection slowly but surely to owning 50LPS. played first at his family & Friends parties quickly move up to clubs In Los Angeles where he met later on Albert Torres at the Fifth avenue. From then on, given the opportunity  Robby moved along in the realm of Salsa Congresses around the word from Japan to Dubai , Switzerland Spain and so forth. Internationally renowned Robby has shared his Talent for 27 years . This is the life he loves and Lives it full on. ”

“I am very grateful to Albert Torres for the opportunities he has given me and for the ability to share the joy of what I do best with the world. ¡Que viva la salsa!

DJ JoJo | Vinyl Elegance


DJ JoJo, also known as Joe Jones is the essence of cool. Being one of the most sought after DJ’s in the United States, he weaves his thread through the fabric of the Salsa community with his events as well as his all vinyl collection of Salsa and Mambo from around the world.

His interest for music goes back to his childhood learning various instruments and in particular trumpet and drum , His knowledge in music is eclectic and goes from Soul R&B to jazz to hip hop which led him accidentally to encounter Salsa in Puerto Rico in the late 90’s. Since then, he accumulated knowledge in the history & roots of Salsa, collected over 5000 records and perfected a unique style of Dj-ing  for the past 9 years.

As if his agenda was not full enough Joe is as well manager and booking agent for the one of hottest band in Europe Tromboranga from Spain. Joey is touring currently with The Band in the US and will present with albert Torres at the LA SALSA FEST closing night Sunday May 28.

DJ Edgar | El Travieso de la Salsa


Born in Mexico but raised in the U.S has made a name for himself as one of the top DJs in the Pacific Northwest. Edgar has travelled internationally from china to Vancouver and is playing at a variety of Salsa Congresses in the US and Mexico Including annually at the LA SALSA FEST

He recently pioneered the AVS (All Vinyl Salsa) night in Seattle. Whether Edgar is  be playing from CDs, his laptop or spinning vinyls he’s constantly looking for that one great song that will make you dance your heart out!  Let him spin your Nights

DJ Tico | Salsa Charmer

DJ TICO.jpg Dj Tico, is ready for another great year at The LA SALSA FEST where He has been a Guest DJ  for the past 10 years.

Born in Nicaragua Live in Los Angeles , Tico Spins and Spins and spins Salsa dancers of LA and around always Smiling

He loves Salsa Music on Vinyl Records and share the Love as a resident Dj at Granada and There rumba room amongst other salsa Clubs in Los Angeles area . Dj Tico will be heating up the Pool Parties as well .

DJ Willie | by the Bay 


Willie Martinez  Lives in San Francisco. Originally from El Salvador, Willie started his journey as a DJ in 2006 at Milagro’s & Underground Pub.

He amuses his crowd by his music diversity bringing a tremendous high level energy to the dance floor. He has been a guest DJ at various venues around the bay such as El Valenciano, Agenda Lounge, Descarga Tuesday, Salsa by the Sea, El Vacilon, Fillmore Salsa Festival and playing at socials for Mambo Romero, Mambo Nova and SF Mambo & iHeartMambo. He is also one of the DJs for the SF Int Salsa Congress, Portland, Boise and Denver Salsa Congress & Hawaii.  DJ Willie has also been invited to spin at salsa clubs in Hawaii (Salsamor) and El Salvador (Club Alive). He has DJed alongside salsa icons such as Eddie Santiago, Luis Enrique, Tito Nieves, Maelo Ruiz, Michael Stuart, Jimmy Bosch, Ismael Miranda and Herman Olivera. DJ Willie is now the promoter and resident DJ at Salsa Spot inside Club Fox in Redwood

DJ Danny | Salsa Pa’l Bailador


From the Bay Area (San Jose, San Francisco Area). Dj Danny has been Djing since 1984 in different Clubs and other big Events in the Bay

His goal is to try to reach as many dancers as possible.

With the music selection he plays which includes Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Chachacha and more Latin Beats.

One of his mentor friend (Willie Martinez) always said we have to play with swing and sabor. He always said Tiene que ser “Salsa Pa’l Bailador”.

Dj Danny has adopted this moto in unison and will be joining force with Wille at the LA SALSA FEST playing in evenings and also at our “Urban Delight” Pool Parties.

DJ Voss | The Virgo DJ

DJ Voss launched his career as a professional DJ over 15 years ago in Los Angeles, Ca. A native from Mexico City, DJ Voss was born on September 10th, a true Virgo! Growing up in a Latin music environment, DJ Voss  had to fulfill his insatiable appetite to DJ.With quick success and an accelerated work ethic, DJ Voss  has established himself firmly on the international and local dance scene. He is a mastermind in anticipating what patrons want and need. DJ Voss’s amazing talent on the decks always whips the crowd into frenzy and creates the sort of excitement that will keep customers wanting more. DJ Voss  covers various styles and genres from Latin to Top 40 and EDM, but his passion is Salsa ,whether he is performing at a Salsa Congress locally or an Internationally with thousands of spectators, or at a high energy night club, or  a prestigious  event, No matter what the occasion is, DJ Voss  is continually commended for making any event a major success.

DJ Armando | The Voz of The Comunidad

DJ Armando.jpg

DJ Armando Justiniani is a native of Panama and acquired a taste for the Latin rhythms during his youth.  His passion for salsa has encouraged him to grow and evolve from a teenage mobile music sound mixer to a present day disc jockey of our area’s finest dance venues, currently Santa Fe and Aztec Willies.

He is truly committed and loyal to his craft and he continues to support the artists who make this all possible by collecting original CDs, which travel with him to each and every event!

Armando is internationally recognized,  His goal is to be as generous and supportive as he can be of what he feels is a “world-wide community of salsa”.

The road map of his history and amazing experiences includes..In addition to events, he hosts the radio show “La Voz de la Comunidad”, volunteering his time every Sunday afternoon that the calendar doesn’t require him to be elsewhere!

Dj Prince |  La Joie de vivre

Angus PRince1.jpg

From Cape town, South Africa, DJ Prince has the rhythm in his soul pocket.  Although Angus attended several times the LA SALSA FEST, regardless of the long traveling journey it takes,  but this year Angus  is joining the Electric Dj Team ! Welcome !

His passion for Salsa and love for all things Latin drove him to the dance and ultimately to become a Salsa DJ with a passion to share the music with the people of Africa. This has led to him being featured on South African radio and television for his events and community outreach programs in South Africa.

He has also been involved with several community organizations over the years to teach young disadvantaged kids all over Cape Town to dance, teach and perform.

Angus will be as well  honored this year by Albert Torres for his support to the Salsa Music and Dance community .

Angus is the essence of the Living life to the Fullest Life without music and dance is definitely not be in any chapter of this life …


DJ Aragon | In the Bachata Land

DJ Aragon 2.jpgDj Aragon will be Hosting  the Bachata room and Dj-ing the whole week end. He will tailor unforgettable spicy Bachata nights. Come an join the bliss.

Luis Aragon has been dancing and part of the dance community for over 10 years. Participating in several Congresses and Festivals nation wide.

His attention and love of the music drawn him to host events and Djing. Luis felt there was a need for it and jump on the opportunity to enlarge his horizons. By now his in one of the most requested Djs in all of Southern California. “The best part is when you see a sea of people dancing to what you play and love”.

DJ Aragon3.jpg

DJ Hush | Multi Task


DJ Hush San Diego’s very first Bachata DJ and a fast-rising southern California latin dance DJ. He currently holds residencies at Sevilla Nightclub & Tango Del Rey in San Diego, CA, and travels throughout the USA working at many major festivals. Together with his girlfriend Michelle, they own and operate the first Latino-owned Dance cosmetics company by the name “HUSH by Jesse Cosmetics”.

Jesse & Michelle will Display their Hush cosmetics at LA Salsa Fest Bachata Foyer

DJ Marco |  Urban Latin Flavor

DJ MArcos.jpegOriginally from Mexico City, Mexico,

Marco first came to the U.S. in 2002. In 2005, he found his passion for the profession of Disk Jockey (DJ). A few years later, he entered the entertainment scene where he met and was inspired by many talented DJs. In 2012, DJ Marco met DJ Kenny at The Granada and learned from him the ropes of the art of DJing. The following year DJ Marco had his first opportunity to DJ at The Granada and this increased his desire for pursuing this profession and opened many doors at other clubs and private events.

He took a special interest and excelled in Urban and Dominican Bachata, and later incorporated more Latin music genres, such as Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Spanish Rock, etc. DJ Marco has been invited to play at some of the most popular night clubs in and around Los Angeles, including Hacienda, Steven’s, The Granada LA, and The Warehouse. Additionally, he has participated as an integral part of Bachata, Kizomba, Salsa (BKS) Festival, and at dancing socials for various dancing companies, boat parties, and private events.

DJ Vince | the Act

Dj Vince2.JPG

Although Known for his dancing and being a pioneer of the LA bachata scene DjVince AKA “inVINCEable” has become one of the top DJs of Los Angeles as well…his ability to control a crowd and keep them on the dance floor is what keeps Mr. inVINCEable so popular with all clubs and socials…”My passion for DJing has come from my dancing…I know what dancers like and I know what clubbers like…I never play for myself and what I like…I play for THEM..what THEY like” -Vince Torres

With traveling all over the world DJing from France to Africa he continues to keep people dancing with a smile on their face and only hopes that he can continue to please everyone he plays for.


Hosted by Manuel dos Santos & Flavie &  Chanel May 

Manuel dos santos & flavie.jpegChanel May.jpg

DJ The Best | Love is in the house

From Montreal



DJ Olu Shogo | World is Home 

Dj Olu Chogo

Olu Shogo (DJ/ Producer)is from Nigeria, West Africa and lives in the U.S. He is one of the best and sought after DJ/Producer in the Latin music world at the present. He has carved a niche for himself in Zouk, Kizomba & Semba. His remixes are played all over the world. He is a Kizomba Ambassador and his mission is to reach out to the “unreached” in the music scene all over the world


HIPHOP | House world

Hosted by Doria Levit | & Guests


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Dj Tavo | HipHop – House

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Dj Josh Bliss | HipHop House

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