LIMITLESS | more of what is happening  & who is coming at LA SALSA FEST 2017

Let us introduce you to the Limitless world at the La Salsa Fest



They come from all over the world to inspire us and remind us that the impossible is possible . They have learned how to turn their physical or mental challenges in to a Powerful expression of their soul and love for life . They love Art and Music and surely they love to Dance . Meet the Limitless Performers

1DS_2021-vi copy.jpgLimitless  | LA

Debbie Wang the founder to Limitless | an organization engaging in compassion and desire to make a difference in the life of those who may look at their life as a huge obstacle.  The Group created the bridge between pushing a wheel chair to thriving on stage dancing to the music.

Newest addition to the limitless group is a Dancer who last year performed at LA Salsa Fest with Rhythmic Fusion but this year will perform with Limitless in a wheel chair.

After he got in a car accident he lost the use of his legs.  During the process of his rehab he met Debbie Wang and has joined her group as  he would never quit dancing . Limitlessdance.org10321682_748410981878069_1058079997915089854_o.jpg

Albert Torres,  Beyond welcoming the Limitless Performing Group at the LA SALSA FEST, created a Division at the World Latin Dance Cup which is a perfect live stream platform for our various physical and mental challenged individuals to perform and express their vision to the world.

This year, some of the participants who experienced WORLD LATIN DANCE CUP will be joining us at LA SALSA FEST and will meet the Original Los Angeles LIMITLESS Group who Inspired the WLDC Division name.


Paloma & Deividi | fearless & limitless

They are coming from From Brazil

They were the pioneer at the world Latin Dance Cup in the the Limitless division. Paloma has down syndrome but also wisdom .

They are an inspiration and remind us that The Impossible is possible.

She has the soul of Stage Performer His dedication and skill as a dancer make the journey priceless as he bring out the Diva in her.


Yenifer | Solo but whole


Yenifer Montiel is an Ibaguereña teenager who dreams of being a professional dancer.

A dream more complicated than for any girl of his age, because a congenital disease prevented the development of the femur of his right leg, which is why he should use a prosthesis.
Yenifer at eleven years old attends her first dance class in her neighborhood.

Her talent and will lead her to be a scholarship to enter the academy and start with her daily training. Since that day, according to its teachers, it does so with the same will, constancy and discipline that professionals do.

Becoming soon in one of the most outstanding dancers of his city.
Yenifer lives with her Mom and Sister in a vulnerable neighborhood of the capital Tolimense. Each year his family faces the difficult task of getting a new prosthesis for which there are never resources. Even so, Yenifer dances regardless of the physical problems that this activity can cause to your spine, hip and other muscles or joints of your body.
In the year 2015 Yenifer gets her first national title as best solo salsa dancer in the Professional Junior category. In the next year to come, as Yenifer grows older, as she will have to fight to get a better prosthesis so to pursue and develop as a professional dancer, able to travel the world and move her family forward.


Shenaragh | the Poet _LDC0148.jpg

Shena is from New Zealand, she is sassy and happy . She decorates her well chair like nobody else to match her costume. She is traveling with her parents and lovely Young Salsa dancer . only Traveling 20 hours is more complicated and painful for her body than her mind always bubbling she may not be able to talk to you but her expression are saying way more than words could do .

_LDC0263.jpgShe is like a light bulb radiating as soon as she hears music and the bounding joy in the room . She is a Wise little woman who communicates her thoughts using a astonishing software which voices out what she writes in her head for us. One may think she is cage in a paralyzed body but all she sends out is  a Message of freedom with goes in pair with wisdom.


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